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Although 60% of the human body and 70% of the surface covering the earth is water, we face the worst hydration challenges today.


Today, the problem with bottled drinks is that we face an environmental and health crisis with few suitable alternatives to plastic bottles (whether recycled PET or not).


We believe it is time to innovate the way we drink and hydrate ourselves, and significantly improve health benefits and sustainability.

Our mission and philosophy is to Be Better.
We aspire to be better, even if it is just a little bit at a time, for you and for the environment. 




We are building a new beverage platform for healthy and individualised beverages and drinks in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. Our product combines beverage technology, robotics and the power of data and machine learning. We are as much a beverage as a technology company.

Refillable Water
The Beverages

We are developing a range of individually customisable beverages that build on top of the flavours and drinks we already know and take them further—looking beyond just hydration, focusing on health, performance, well-being, and nutrition.

Our beverage team works closely with our suppliers and nutrition experts to source the highest quality ingredients to create a range of tasty and healthy beverages that reflect our philosophy of Being better.

Computer Robot_edited_edited_edited.png
The Machines

Our smart micro-beverage factory is an IoT machine connected to our cloud platform to create personalised beverages to individual tastes, preferences and lifestyles.

Similar to the ideas of printers being able to print various colours based on mixing and combining the main colours, our machine brews individual varieties and variations of beverages to your liking and preferences.

Fitness App_edited_edited_edited.jpg
The Technology

Our cloud and mobile application layer helps you monitor your drink consumption and stay on top of your hydration level and nutrition requirements to keep a healthy hydration level.

By leveraging your digital health data from your smart trackers like smartwatches and rings, we can optimise your hydration plan to your hydrational and nutritional needs and lifestyles.




We are NOMU, a startup based in Tokyo and Singapore made of a truly global team spread around the world with a drive to Be Better and Do Better. In everything we do - even if it is just a little bit, bit by bit. We aim to make the healthier, more sustainable, and happier choice the easy one.

Our aspiration is to become the world’s most favourite brand for sustainable and healthier consumption. Help everyone to be better for themselves and their environment and to get the world in a better shape for the next generation.

We are entrepreneurs, food technologists, chefs, engineers, designers, creators, and marketers who came together to offer consumers a new, healthier, more sustainable and competitive choice.

We are backed by a group of international investors with a VC and angels from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Australia.

Meet the team:


Dr. Baku Morikuni



Michael Johnston

Beverage Lead


Regis Heyberger

Hardware Engineering Lead


Kohei Yamada

Product Management Lead


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NOMU Holdings Pte. Ltd.

160 Robinson Road, 
#14-04 Singapore Business Federation Center
Singapore 068914

NOMU Enterprise G.K.

 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 6 Chome−23−4,
Kuwano Bldg, 2F


The NOMU Company

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Join us in bringing innovation to food and beverage for better health and sustainability. We are making the healthy, sustainable and happy choices the easy ones. We are an international team with a culmination of diverse professional and personal backgrounds.

We believe that amazing things and positive impacts can happen if you love what you do in an environment that fosters empowerment, freedom and accountability.

Join us to Do Better and Be Better.



Software Engineering Lead

Tokyo, Japan


Software Engineer

Tokyo, Japan

Engineering, Management

Assistant Manager

Tokyo, Japan


Product Designer (Software)

Tokyo, Japan


Hardware Engineer

Tokyo, Japan

Finance & Administration

Finance Manager

Tokyo, Japan

We are also happy to receive your CV if you are interested in joining us for any suitable roles in the future.

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